Skip, Skip Bag or a Wo/Man with a Van?

There are three main methods of waste removal from your home – Skips, Skip Bags or a Wo/Man with a Van.

Skips – these are the most long-term of the three options. Skips come in three sizes – Maxi (8 cubic yards – these are the one’s you’ll be used to seeing), and two smaller options – Midi (4 cubic yards) and Mini (2 cubic yards). All three options are available on our website.

Skips can be placed in a front garden or on a public highway – however, if on a public highway, a council permit is required. We deal with your local council, but they tend to charge between £15-20 for a permit and take three days to issue one.

You can keep your skip from our service for up to 28 days. You choose the date and time it arrives and the date and time it is taken away. And you don’t have to choose both at the same time – you can order the skip then just see how it goes. Simple!

Skip Bags – these are smaller than skips (around one cubic yard each) and made of a tough, light weight, flexible material. (Like a blue Ikea bag but far bigger and much much better!) These are small enough to take straight inside your house, so may be useful if you are clearing out a bathroom on the second floor, for example. They are delivered and picked up in the same manner as skips, but don’t require a permit to place on a public highway.

Wo/Man with a Van – This is the option for getting rid of your waste as quickly as possible. The van driver arrives, loads the van with your waste and then drives away immediately. However, the necessitates you to be at home when they arrive.